EuroPython 2010 – Revised Talks of Interest

With about a week to go until EuroPython 2010, I realised the talks timetable has shifted around a bit so some clashes have been resolved, others created, and some talks have suddenly grabbed my interest.

I’m currently looking at the following:

Monday 19th July

  • Idiomatic Python – Raymond Hettinger
  • The Development Process of Python – Ezio Melotti
  • How Import Works – Brett Cannon
  • PostgreSQL’s Python soup – Hannu Krosing
  • Django and the Semantic Web – Zachary Voase
  • Python & Selenium Testing – Raymond Hettinger
  • Muddle, inventing a build system – Richard Watts
  • KBUS: A simple messaging system – Tony Ibbs

Tuesday 20th July

  • Appstats – Guido van Rossum
  • A case for accessibility – Stuart Bowness
  • The Trojan Snake – Richard Barrett-Small
  • Intro to Functional Programming – Michele Simionato
  • Tickery, Pyjamas & FluidDB – Terry Jones
  • Visualizing Software Quality – Mark Fink (clashes with Andrew’s talk)
  • Fun with Databases and Django – Andrew Godwin (clashes with Mark’s talk)
  • Pythonic Parallelism with CSP – Russel Winder

Wednesday 21st July

  • Taming Twisted with Generators – Raymond Hettinger
  • Adapting libraries to Twisted – Esteve Fernandez (clash!)
  • Deferred Gratification – Terry Jones (clash!)
  • Real Time Websites with Python – Henrik Vendelbo
  • Custom Runtimes with PyPy – Henrik Vendelbo
  • Python for Javascript Apps – Thomas Herchenröder
  • A Python’s DNA – Erik Groeneveld
  • The Trails of EasyExtend – Kay Schlühr

Thursday 22nd July

  • Building a python web app – Stuart Bowness
  • gevent network library – Denis Bilenko
  • Arduino and Python – Michael Sparks

Look forward to seeing everyone there, new faces and old, and I’m in the market for some new Python challenges.


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