EuroPython 2010 – Talks of Interest

The provisional timetable of talks for EuroPython 2010 is now available. I must admit, the tutorials look pretty good too, but I’m going to have to give them a miss. šŸ˜¦

So, what am I thining of attending?

Monday 19th July

  • New and Improved – Michael Foord
  • Development Process of Python – Ezio Melotti
  • Python and Selenium Testing – Raymond Hettinger
  • Django and the Semantic Web – Zachary Vose
  • A Case for Accessibility – Stuart Bowness
  • Open Data and Coding – David Read
  • KBUS: A Simple Messaging System – Tony Ibbs

Tuesday 20th July

  • Appstats – Guido van Rossum
  • Arduino and Python – Michael Sparks
  • Realtime Web with Eventlet – Ben Ford
  • Intro to Functional Programming – Michele Simionato
  • Robust Python Programs – Stefan Schwarzer
  • Fun with Databases and Django – Andrew Godwin

…and a clash between…

  • Deferred Gratification – Terry Jones
  • Pythonic Parallelism with CSP – Russel Winder

Wednesday 21st July

  • Taming Twisted with Generators – Raymind Hettinger
  • Mobi: A Mobile User Agent Lib – Kit Blake
  • Web Collaboration and Python – Paul Boddie
  • Custom Runtimes with PyPy – Henrik Vendelbo
  • Python for JavaScript Apps – Thomas Herchenroeder
  • A Python’s DNA – Erik Groeneveld
  • Lighting Strikes Thrice – Harald Armin Massa

Thursday 22nd July

  • Building a Python Web App – Stuart Bowness
  • NoSQL, what’s the deal? – Mark Ramm
  • NoSQL for Dummies – Tobias Ivarsson
  • Scaling Python at GeekNet – Mark Ramm
  • Realtime Websites with Python – Henrik Vendelbo

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