PyGame Installation On Leopard

I’ve finally installed PyGame on my MacBook. I’m running OS X 10.5 and prefer not to use MacPorts or other builds of Python, so it was a little disappointing to find this avenue is not well supported.

It’s a particular shame as many people don’t find the need to use anything but the system Python these days, and many inexperienced programmers looking to try PyGame could be put off by the time-consuming process. In contrast, when I installed Pyglet a couple of years ago it was beautifully simple to do. I realise Pyglet is intended to be a simpler project than PyGame, but still.

Anyway, enough of the moan. For the benefit of others, I used two particular resources:

* PyGame Wiki: Mac Compile
* Frank the Blue: Installing Pygame on Leopard

I’ve used the latest downloads, some of which are newer than ones referenced in either articles. In particular, I substituted NumPy for Numeric and built the JPEG v8 library instead of v6. No problems so far.

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