Tech Podcasts I Love

The first tech podcast I started listening to was LUG Radio, sadly demised. The second one was This Week In Django, which has been dormant since the beginning of the year. I worry that I jinx podcasts.

Podcasts give me a great way to keep up with what’s happening in areas I’m interested in. I sometimes listen to them at work, but usually in the evenings when I can listen while doing other things. My current list of tech-related podcasts is as follows (in order of appearance in my freedom-hating iTunes podcast list):

Distrocast –

JD and Jeremy cast their highly critical gaze over various Linux distributions, and other things too. I love the fact nothing is sacred and they’re not afraid to rip things to shreds and hurl abuse. Not one for the easily offended or the “Linux and Open Source is Always Perfect” brigade. A much needed contribution to the Linux community. They make me chuckle, they make me think, and they introduced me to ArchLinux, which is a pretty cool distro.

FLOSS Weekly –

Randal Schwartz, Leo Laporte, and guest appearances from the mighty Jono Bacon. FLOSS weekly takes a look at different free, libre open source projects. Always entertaining and informative, it’s great to hear more about projects I use or have heard of, as well as offering an excellent way to discover new projects.

The MDN Show –

Formerly Late Night Cocoa, which ended up becoming a paid-for service. Scotty and John discuss various aspects of Mac development in an easy to listen format, albeit with some very cheesy music. The supporting tips from “The World According to Gemmell” are always small, thought-provoking chunks of advice that are great to try out, whether you’re a Mac developer or not.

Linux Outlaws –

Fab and Dan’s show has proved a more than capable replacement to LUG Radio, covering Linux and free open source software… with the odd beer review, creative commons music, and Fail. Linux Outlaws is laid-back, light hearted and always interesting, packing a lot into each show.

MacCast –

Adam Christianson’s enthusiasm for all things Macintosh really shines through. MacCast is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Apple and the Mac community.

.NET Rocks –

I had a bit of trouble finding a decent .NET podcast when I realised I needed to start delving into the murky world of Microsoft and .NET development. Carl and Richard were my salvation. A slick podcast which covers the breadth and depth of .NET, it’s the perfect way for me to keep an eye on the .NET ecosystem. If you’re used to the world of open source and UNIX development, I’d recommend giving this show a go to see things from the other side of the fence. You’ll learn some new things and maybe appreciate what you’ve got a bit more.

Pragmatic Podcasts –

Irregular, short podcasts from the excellent Pragmatic Programmers publishing house. The podcasts involve interviews with authors and are usually linked to new releases – it’s good PR because I’ve ended up checking out books based on the interviews.

Python411 –

I’m not sure how to categorise Python411, produced by Ron Stephens. Since the dormancy of This Week in Django, it’s the only active Python-related podcast, albeit irregularly. It has a pleasantly cosy and informal feel to it, and there are some useful gems of information to be found in the episodes.

Sod This –

Billed as “Brain Burps for the Tech Savvy”, Gary and Oliver’s podcast is another one that’s difficult to categorise as it’s relatively new and quite an eclectic experience. I can’t write much more than that, but it’s worth a listen for things such as an interview with IronPython guru Michael Foord or the Women In Technology episode.

The Software Freedom Law Show –

Bradley and Karen from the Software Freedom Law Center cover the legal side of the open source community. If you’re an open source software developer, or a developer interested in the issues surrounding patents, copyright and intellectual property, I can highly recommend this podcast. It’s very accessible so you don’t need to be a lawyer to understand it.

TuxRadar Linux Podcast –

Not as good as Linux Outlaws or LUG Radio, sorry guys, but still a worthy addition to anyone’s Linux podcast collection. News and chat on Linux and open source software from the Linux Format crew.

A VerySpatial Podcast –

I was umming and ahhing about adding this, but it is tech-related. A Very Spatial Podcast is the long-running weekly show covering geography and geospatial technology. Being quite new to GIS, and then only currently dealing with very basic geocoding of data, parts of the show can be a little indecipherable to my newbie mind. It’s well presented and covers a good range of topics – I might not understand everything, but it’s helping me to learn fast. If you have any interest in the geospatial technology, professional or amateur, check it out.


2 thoughts on “Tech Podcasts I Love

  1. Randal! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I don’t think FLOSS Weekly has talked about Arch Linux, but maybe one day… (hint)

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